A Prayer for the Men of Omega

Oh GOD, as we draw nigh and ask your blessings today, we reflect on the fell clutch of circumstance that brought us together as friends, molded us into neophytes, and permitted us to seek the great body of wisdom on the circle of life.

Oh GOD, we ask that you enlighten us to: exemplify MANHOOD, not based on age, the accumulation of material wealth or disrespect to womanhood, but rather by limiting one’s travels on the wide road of foolishness, so that we as men, live nobly by finding the narrow road of righteousness and responsibility; to value SCHOLARSHIP, not merely as a means of financial prosperity, but rather so we, as scholars, serve as lamps to bring light to the dark paths of ignorance; to embrace PERSEVERENCE, not with unbridled ambition, but through the undaunted pursuit of dream stars so that we, as industrious men, serve as golden examples of the necessity to hold fast to dreams; and to commit ourselves to UPLIFT, not to establish a debt of gratitude among the less fortunate, but rather so we, as “social engineers”, construct a better world.

Finally, we ask oh GOD, that you allow us to recognize that OMEGA is an eternal quest; and therefore, all OMEGA MEN are linked by a mutual sense of relativity of purpose and action, requiring us to structure our behavior so that no criticism is levied on OMEGA. As the African proverb states: I am because WE ARE; and because WE ARE, therefore I AM.

We ask these blessings in honor of our collective ancestors. In particular, we ask in the name of JUST, COOPER, COLEMAN, and LOVE, founders of our beloved organization, the OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED.


Tribute to Brothers who have recently joined Omega Chapter

Lloyd “Lucky” Hall Sr

William J. Malone

Jerry L. Hoagland Sr

Wilbert Washington M.D.