A History of the Auspicious Zeta Phi Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc

Of the more than 700 chapters of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. worldwide, very few have a history as rich and auspicious as Zeta Phi Chapter located in Indianapolis, IN. It was chartered in April, 1925 as Omega’s 54th chapter, one of 10 chartered that year, a little less than 14 years after the fraternity’s founding on a Friday night, November 17, 1911.  As of this writing in early 2020, Zeta Phi is poised to host the 83rd Tenth District Convention and will celebrate 95 storied years of upholding Omega’s Cardinal Principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift.

Zeta Phi was formed as a graduate chapter with five previous members of the fraternity:  Emory A. James, a charter member of Beta Chapter, initiated February 6, 1914; Myers E. Proctor, Beta Chapter, 1915; Charles E. Harry III, Alpha Chapter, 1918; Charleston B. Cox, Camp Howard Chapter, 1918; and William Conway Summers, a charter member of Theta Omega Chapter, 1922.  Within one month of Zeta Phi’s chartering, these brothers initiated another six men in Indianapolis who included Henry E. Dunn, William T. Wilhite, Harry D. Evans, F.F. Bowler, William A. Thomas, and William E. Baugh. 

Brother Baugh, “lovingly called the biggest man in the Fraternity” for his height, and for his “big heart full of tender devotion,” served as the 7th Vice Grand Basileus from 1933 to 1934, and for 1935-1937 would serve as the Grand Basileus.  He was the first of three men from Zeta Phi to rise to the that office, the most from any single chapter. The others were Brother Carey D. Jacobs (1961-1964), a stalwart servant within the Fraternity who was one of the founders of the Omega Life Membership Foundation, becoming its first member, and Brother Burnel E. Coulon (1979-1982),  who spent more than 65 years in Omega, and had become one of the most well-known and beloved men among the Brotherhood of Omega. Zeta Phi would also become home to a fourth former Grand Basileus, Brother Milo C. Murray (1949-1951). No other chapter in Omega can claim this distinction, one of the many reasons why Zeta Phi has earned the moniker, “Auspicious.”

Over the years, Zeta Phi has grown to average 100 fully financial members per year, and has helped to “birth” undergraduate chapters at Indiana University (Zeta Epsilon), Indiana State University (Chi Sigma), Purdue University (Rho Sigma), Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (Sigma Beta), and Ohio State University (Iota Psi), along with graduate chapters Phi Mu Nu (Fishers, IN) and Nu Mu Nu (Kokomo, IN). Zeta Phi is also credited with helping to establish chapters at the University of Illinois (Pi Psi), Ball State University (Upsilon Beta), and Butler University (now part of an Indianapolis Citywide Chapter).

Since its chartering, Zeta Phi Chapter has remained thoroughly immersed and committed to Omega, having representation and participation at every Grand Conclave and Leadership Conference during its years of existence, as well every 10th District Meetings, for which it has been host numerous times, including its very first in 1937, with charter Brother Harry as the first 10th District Representative. The Chapter also hosted Grand Conclaves in 1928, 1941, 1962, and 2000.

In its storied history, several Zeta Phi men have distinguished themselves on the local, district, and international levels. Including the aforementioned Grand Basilei, the following are examples worthy of note:

Ω             Emory A. James – Charter member of Beta Chapter, 1914 (Dreer, 28, 95); Grand Marshal 1941 Indianapolis Conclave (Gill, 13); Recognized as a 40-Year Man in 1961 Golden Conclave (Gill, 87)

Ω             Charleston B. Cox initiated in 1918 into the Howard War Chapter (Dreer, 33; Gill 6), Recognized as a 40-Year Man in 1961 Golden Conclave (Gill, 87)

Ω             Charles Harry III – Initiated Alpha Chapter, 1918 (Dreer, 95); First Tenth District Representative (Dreer, 195); DR, Delegate, and Member of the Recommendations Committee at 1937 Cleveland Conclave which successfully moved and had approved, among other things, the authorization and allocation of $1,000 for the publication of the Dreer history book, and the requirement “that each newly-elected brother purchase a copy” (Dreer, 245-249); Delegate, District Representative, and member of the Time and Place Committee at 1938 Chicago Conclave (Dreer, 252-262); Recognized as a 40-Year Man in 1961 Golden Conclave (Gill, 87).

Ω             Harry D. Evans – Delegate to Pan-Hellenic Council in 1926 (Gill, 17)

Ω             William E. Baugh – Delegate and Keeper of Peace 1925 Tuskegee Grand Conclave (Dreer, 79); Grand Marshal for 1928 Indianapolis Grand Conclave (Gill, 13; Dreer, 225); Elected Vice Grand Basileus 1932, and Grand Basileus 1935 (Gill 84); Led a delegation that resulted in the Fraternity helping Pi Psi Chapter purchase a fraternity house in Champaign, IL; (Dreer, 132); Conducted visits to chapters at his own expense in 1933-1934 (Dreer, 80); Motioned and persuaded adoption of an allowance for the Grand Basileus and Vice Grand Basileus to have travel allowances to visit various chapters (Dreer, 80-82)

Ω             Carey D. Jacobs – Accompanied delegation that investigated the property and recommended approval of loan to purchase the Pi Psi Chapter House in Champaign, IL, in 1935 (Dreer, 132); Delegate 1937 Cleveland Conclave (Dreer, 253); Delegate and delivered Zeta Phi Chapter report at 1938 Chicago Conclave (Dreer, 262); Tenth District Representative in 1940 (Gill, 29); Appointed to Fraternity’s Housing Authority in 1950 (Gill, 39); Grand Counselor 1954 (Gill, 86); First Vice Grand Basileus 1958 (Gill, 63, 84); Grand Basileus 1961 (Gill, 63, 85)

Ω             Andrew Ramsey – Delegate at 1936 Philadelphia Jubilee Conclave; Appointed Grand Keeper of Peace and Chair of Greetings and Resolutions Committee (Dreer 239); Conclave resolved, inter alia, “that The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity go on record as opposing hazing (Dreer, 244)

Ω             Burnel E. Coulon – Held offices and served in three Districts (7th, 5th, 10th); Iota Omicron Chapter Basileus; 1st Vice District Representative in the 7th District; Social Committee Chair in the 5th District; Zeta Phi Basileus, and Four-term 10th District Representative (1974-1978); Wrote a “District Representatives Handbook;” Two-term First Vice Grand Basileus (1978-1979); Grand Basileus (1979-1982); Oversaw the establishment of the College Endowment Fund (Previously a five-year commitment to the United Negro College Fund) Oversaw the establishment of the first Omega faculty chair at Rust College, Holy Springs, MS; First Grand Basileus to travel internationally (to Germany); Grand Marshal 2000 Indianapolis Conclave; International Founders’ Award 2016 Las Vegas Conclave; First Brother to have Omega Service streamed live and remained posted to the official Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. website

Ω             Harry D. Evans – Delegate to Pan-Hellenic Council in 1926 (Gill, 17)
Ω             Zeta Phi men in the Omega Honor Roll – Emory A. James, Charles E. Harry III, Frederick A. Parker, Dr. H. N. Middleton, and Cary D. Jacobs (Dreer, 195-196)
Ω             Grand Marshals: William Baugh – 1928 (Gill, 13), Emory A. James – 1941 (Gill, 13), Harry L. Pettrie – 1962 and Burnel E. Coulon – 2000

Ω             Tenth District Officers:
District Representatives: Charles E. Harry, Cary D. Jacobs, Burnel E. Coulon, and Johnny Lynch
District Keeper of Finance: Melvin Thomas
District Chaplains: Alan Bacon and Guy Lipkins
State Representatives: Ezell Marrs and Daniel Pierson

Zeta Phi is continuously involved in the Indianapolis community. In addition to accomplishing all of the requirements of the Mandated Programs, it maintains its membership and active participation in the local chapter of the NAACP, the NPHC, and an Institutional Membership with the local Joseph Taylor Branch of the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History (ASALH), a national organization started by Honorary Omega Man Dr. Carter G. Woodson that involved from National Negro History Week, and was the inspiration of Omega’s Achievement Week.”

The Chapter has perennially had Brothers who have served in the community as mentors in such programs as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana (for which a Zeta Phi Brother is a board member). Another mentoring program in which Zeta Phi men participate is the Boys To Men© program in which boys 10 to 16 are exposed weekly to men from the Indianapolis community of all walks of life. Another mentor program developed by the Indianapolis Uplift Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization comprised entirely of Zeta Phi Men, is called the “Omega Lamplighters.” “The program is designed to teach African American male high school students to achieve their goals.”  It can naturally function as a pipeline of into the rank of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Zeta Phi Chapter has consistently initiated a class of men for each Spring and Fall during the decades of the 80’s, 90’s, and first to decades of the new millennium. All things taken together, with XX Life Members, and Retention and Reclamation efforts being an ongoing priority, Zeta Phi Chapter is poised to continue building in the future on the foundation of the rich and auspicious legacy of its past.

Men initiated into Omega during the 1920s

Baugh, William E.
Bowler, F.F.
Dunn, Henry E.
Evans, Harry D.
Hayes, Charles M.
Lewis Sr., Lloyd E.
Thomas, William A.
Wilhite, William T.

Men initiated into Omega during the 1930s

Anderson, Benjamin
Baltimore Sr., Milton L.
Brown, Jerome M.
Cook, B.W.
Daniels, Dallas
Fauntleroy, Wilbur F.
Gist, William J.
Hamilton, W. Augustus
Henry, James W.
Hicks, Clarence
Jewell, Paul V.
Jones, Grayson W.
Lewis, David D.

Mayo, Marion E.
McClain, Samuel
McGruder, Norris W.
Mitchell, M.B.
Nicks, Clarence E.
Owsley, Harold
Patton, John A.
Ramey, John W.
Ramsey, Joseph
Ransom, Williard B.
Scott, Nathaniel
Simons, Ulyssees
Thomas, Edward P.

Men initiated into Omega during the 1940s

Allison, William B.
Anderson, Charles E.
Baker, William C.
Barker, Walter J.
Bias, Arthur
Bleadsoe, Charles
Bottoms, Dave M.
Brent, Bernard A.
Brooks, Eckler
Brown, John C.
Bruce, Reginald A.
Bruce, Robert P.
Bryant, Lively
Cailey, Chas B.
Calhoun, Clarence
Christian, Virgil C.
Churchill, Coleridge
Crowe, Ray
Debow, Charles,
Dennis, Elbert A.
Dickinson, Vajean L.
Dixon, Malcom C.
Donaldson, Earl
Douglas, Joseph F.
Dowdell, James
Dowell, Dennis
Edwards, Adolpe J.
Gibson, Edwin A.
Hardiman, Emmett F.
Harris, Joseph W.
Harrod, Lebanon H.

Harry IV, Charles E.
Hart Sr., Thomas A.
Henderson, John A.
Hicks, Wilbur P.
Higginbotham, A. Leon
Highbaugh, Richard B.
Hilliard, Buford
Hiu, Nelam T.
Hukilay, Herman
Hummons, Francis D.
James Jr., Emory A.
James, Frank V.
Jenkins, J.T.
Jenkins, S.P.
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Herman
Johnson, Herman S.
Johnson, Lynn
Johnson, R. Caesar
Leggett, Lawrence
Malone, William J.
Martin, Graham E.
Martin, Lee J.
Mason, Joe N.
Mills, Ross V.
Mitcham, Clinton A.
Mitchell, Luther E.
Moody, James D.
Murray, Herman
Nolcox, Noble R.
Overby, Oscar D.

Owens, Robert L.
Pace, Merritt L.
Payne, Wilbur M.
Pickney, Aurelius D.
Pierce, Raymond
Powell, Pat R.
Price, Lancaster
Radford, Carl
Ramacy, Charles E.
Ramsey, Andrew W.
Randoph, Allen J.
Ransom, Robert E.
Reeder, Oscar A.
Render, Rudolph V.
Russell, Hayse
Samuels, Elliot L.
Shobe, W.R.
Singleton, Eugene
Sleet, Thomas P.
Smith, David M.
Smith, Fred N.
Sparks, Harry K.
Stout, Alexander
Taliefer, Sedric H.
Taylor, William H.
Thompson, Tenus F.
Thorton, James H.
Turner, John F.
Wake, Arthur
Waldon, Thomas G.
Wilson, William E.
Woods, Gale D.

Men initiated into Omega during the 1950s

Allen, Paris M.
Anderson, Frank E.
Anderson, John M.
Baker, Clarence N.
Barnes, Erich T.
Baxter, Donald
Bibbs, Junius A.
Breeding, Carl L.
Brooks Sr., Richard L.
Brooks, Wendell T.
Brown, Kermit R.
Byers, Norris O.
Campbell, Frank
Cardwell, Dwight M.
Chavous, Harold P.
Clark, Howard
Colwell, William M.
Combs, Thomas A.
Daniels, Reginald
Davis, Harry
Davis, Richard G.
Dillard, Melvin L.
Dorman, Linneaus C.
Elliot, Paul W.
Emile, Philip
Fiamawle, Joseph K.
Fields, Alonzo
Galamore, Arnold

Grissom, Joe
Hardy, Vanaugh
Harold, Lloyd M.
Harris, Delmas
Hayes, Harold
Hayes, Roland B.
Hicks, Edward J.
Higgins, Augustus
Hill, Frederick
Hitchens, Thomas
Holland, James P.
Holliday, Alfonso D.
Huff, Bernard
Hunter, Willie F.
Jackson, Eugene K.
James, Charles R.
Johnson, Benjamin
Johnson, Robert F.
Kirk, Robert H.
Laing, Leslie A.
Lewers, John W.
Lewis, David S.
Lowe, Aubrey F.
Lucas, Harold M.
Lyle, Eckland V.
Lyons, Charles E.
Mcintyre, Lonnie
Meekins, William E.

Merriweather, William F.
Miller, William G.
Moss, John O.
Olden, Robert
Oldham, Donald
Palmer, George
Patton Jr., Adell
Pettiford, Chester E.
Phillips, Alfred B.
Phillips, Jefferson
Pickett, Donald
Potter, Theodore
Reid, Leron P.
Robertson, Bailey
Sampson, Henry T.
Scott, William H.
Smith, John A.
Strong, William H.
Sutherland, Stephen M.
Taylor, Roosevelt
Thomas, Harvey G.
Walker, Claude
Warren, Richard
Washington, Wilbert
Wheeler, Charles
Williams, Randolf
Wilson, Fred E.
Wilson, Robert A.
Wright, Donald R.

Men initiated into Omega during the 1960s

Adams, Michael E.
Alexander, Raymond W
Anderson, James W.
Armistead, Darryl A.
Ashley, Lorenzo
Atkins, Brandon L.
Bailey, Theodore
Barham, Lewis A.
Barnes, Barry M.
Barnes, Lee H.
Bass, Willie F.
Baylor, Curtis A.
Benjamin, Abraham I.
Bickham, Harold R.
Bloom, Thomas E.
Bogle, William M.
Branch, Melvin
Brent, Robert A.
Brent, Robert E.
Brooks, John W.
Brown, Roland B.
Bruce, Charles A.
Buckner, John W.
Buckner, Robert G.
Campbell, Harlee
Cantrell, Phillip D.
Charles, John
Cleveland, Jimmy L.
Craig, Pack
Dailey, Larry
Dames, Ellis E.
Daniels Jr., Eddie
Daniels, Maurice C.
Davis, John L.
Davis Jr., Wilbert D
Deal, Nathaniel
Dixson, Ryrone E.
Donaldson, Eugene H.
Downs, John M.
Drake, Macarthur
Dunn, William J.
Duvall, Curtis E.
Ealy, Jessie L.
Edmonds, Mark A.
English, William R.
Farmer, Forest J.
Felton, Melvin L.
Ferguson, William W.
Florence, Karl A.
Florence, Wallace
Foohey, Robert M.
Franklin, William T
Freeman, Jon
Fugate, Thomas
Giles, Llewellyn
Gilliam, Herman L.
Gooch, Gregory C.
Gooch, Julian F.
Goodrich, Michael L.
Graham, Eugene
Gray, Arthur
Greene, Allen E.
Griffin, James W.
Hall, Lloyd H.

Hayes, Reginald S.
Haynes, Werner O.
Hobbs, Crawford
Holman, James C.
Holme, Robert E.
Hooper, Robert R.
Howell, Harold B.
Jackson, Nate
Jackson, Samuel E.
Jackson, Theodore A.
Jacobs, John S.
Jewell, Maulty
Johnson, Lucien L.
Johnson, Robert L.
Jones, Emanuel C.
Jones, Ernest C.
Jones III, John H.
Jones, William C.
Kelley, Thomas M.
Keys, Marvin L.
Kielbasa, Fred J.
King, Charles R.
King, Clanton R.
Kirk, Stanley
Kirkpatrick, Jimmy L.
Knight, Will A.
Leavell, Eddie N.
Legg, James E.
Litiskas, Sterling P.
Lloyd, Donald R.
Lofton, Spurgeon,
Long, James K.
Longmire, Samuel R.
Lynch, Vincent K.
Macarthur, James
Mack Jr., Sylvester
Marcus, Reginald V.
Marcus, Ronald D.
Maree, Ronald C.
Marks, Brown,
Martin, Darris L.
Martin, Willie R.
Mason, Jerry A.
Mayes Sr., David B.
Mccaskill, Eric R.
Mcclelland, Richard,
McDonald, Eugene W.
McGee, Dewitt
Mcgee, Michael
Mckoy, William E.
Meadows, Thomas
Middlebrook, Willie F.
Miles, Galvester
Miller, Cornelius
Minnefield, James M.
Moore, Cleotha F.
Moore, William P.
Moss, Lee E.
Murray, Eugene J.
Myers, Claud W.
Neal, George H.
Nelson, Willie E.
Newsome, Kenneth W.
Nickleson, Elbert

Olion, George E.
Osborn, Walter F.
Parker, Larry G.
Payne, Anthony H.
Payne, Charles E.
Payne, Donald J.
Payne, Ronald B.
Payne, Vernon
Pendleton, William
Peters, Joseph D.
Peterson, James A.
Phelps, Michael A.
Phelps, Russell D.
Pillow, George E.
Plummer, John G.
Pope, Thomas M.
Price, Clarence R.
Ragsdale, Donald E.
Ramsey, Nathan
Rawlins, Robert
Reid, Timothy V.
Richardson, Lawrence
Rickman, Joseph E.
Ricks, James A.
Roberts, Rodney J.
Robinson, Richard D.
Rogers, James A.
Russell, Charles M.
Saunders, Robert
Scott, Leonard S.
Senter, Jerry A.
Singer, Karl
Smith, Dwight E.
Smith, Lloyd K.
Smith, Raymond
Smith, Ronald A.
Smith, Vernon G.
Tatum, John F.
Taylor, Gregory N.
Taylor, Henry M.
Taylor, James E.
Taylor, Ralph
Terry, Raymond
Terry, Stanford E.
Thomas, Leroy
Turner, Clinton
Walder, Yerbie R.
Walton, Dennis
Webb, Gregory G.
Webb, John P.
Weeden, Norman
West, Phillip W.
Whittington, Cozy M.
Williams, Frederick C.
Williams, Isaac P.
Williams, Kenderick R
Wilson, Cal J.
Wilson, John E.
Witherspoon, Calvin V.
Wofford, Gregory L.
Woodford, James L.
Woods, Reginal W.
Worthington, Arthur N.
Yancey, Melville


Men initiated into Omega during the 1970s


Alexander, Chris
Allen, Gregory N.
Allen, Milton S.
Amos, Duane
Anderson, George S.
Andrews, Sidney
Arbuckle, Marsialle
Arnold, Dennis L.
Arnold, Jerald H.
Arrington, Freddie M.
Atkins, Reginald
Bacon Sr., Alan K.
Bacon, Mark A.
Bailey, Sidney
Baker, Jonathan D.
Banks, Michael E.
Barnett, Otis B.
Bartlett, Jerry L.
Baskin, Marlon V.
Battle, Ernest C.
Beneberry, Larry A.
Benjamin, Aaron M.
Berry, Michael D.
Black, Hogan H.
Blair, Michael
Bluiett, Michael D.
Boarden, Randy
Boles, Dion C.
Borel, Arthur J.
Bowers, James M.
Bowles, Benson B.
Boyd, Hollie A.
Boykins, Danny J.
Bridge, Anthony R.
Bridgewater, Lowell K.
Brock, Paul H.
Brown, Edward
Brown, John C.
Brown, Milbert O.
Brown, Vernon A.
Buckner, Johnny
Buckner, Stephen L.
Bunnell, Darrell E.
Burns, Luster
Burrus, Freddie E.
Butler, Lionel L.
Byrd, Chester A
Byrd, Ronald J.
Cain, James T.
Calloway, Stanley
Carter, Alex
Carter, Keith D.
Carter, Walter A.
Caruthers, Robert G.
Cason Jr., Frederick D.
Chaney, Bryon P.
Chapman, Bradford L.
Charity, Alan A.
Chrismon, Charles M.
Christian, Ernest J.
Clark, Arthur A.
Clark, Kenneth J.
Claud, Edward W.
Clemmons, Willie R.
Clemons, Steven L.
Colbert Jr., Arthur C.
Coleman, David A.
Coleman, Joseph H.
Coleman, Mark A.
Coleman, Willie,
Collier, Trotter
Conway Jr., Robert F.
Cooper, Paul A.
Cotton, Timothy A.
Cowherd, John W.
Cox, David E.
Cox, Frederick
Craig, Marc A.
Crawford, Timothy L.
Crenshaw, Rayford
Crittenden, Ron L.
Cumbee, Arnhem
Curet, Juan
Cusic, Willard
Daily, James E.
Daniels, Lafranzo
Davis, Gary A.
Davis, Jared R.
Davis, Robert E.
Dent, Gary K.
Dickerson, James A.
Dixon, Robert S.
Donaldson, Damon R.
Dorsey, Michael
Dowdell, Albert B.
Dumas, Albert
Early, Rotha D.
Edmond, Edward E.
Ellington, John H.
Ellison, Gordon
Embry, Ronald J.
Fair, Lucious
Falker, Michael L.
Farris, Michael L.
Field, Marvin
Fields, Ronald L.
Fisher, Royal B.
Flakes, Johnny
Fleming, Gregory
Fontleroy, John F
Ford, Bruce L.
Freeman, Anthony R.
Freeman Jr., James
French, Victor M.
Gant, Juan
Gant, Michael L.
Garnett, Robert J.
Gassette, Meredith
Gibbs, Marvin,
Gibson, Charles R.
Gillespie, Dansby
Gimmett, Keevan A.
Glasper, William

Gore, Lee V.
Grady, Dennis H.
Grant, Larry T.
Green, John D.
Greer, Robert J.
Griffin, William
Grimes, Dennis W.
Hall, James E.
Hall, Peter R.
Hampton, Kern A.
Hanley, Michael R.
Harding, Felton P.
Harding, Phillip B.
Harmon, Edward C.
Harris, Daniel C.
Harris, Patrick D.
Harris, Thomas
Harris, Willie M.
Harrison, Jeffrey L.
Harry, Barry
Harvey, Toddy C.
Haynes, Gregory C.
Haywood, Roosevelt
Helm, Ceola E.
Henderson, Rueben
Hester, John L.
Hill, Alfonzo V.
Hill, Edward A.
Hodge, Walker R.
Hollingsworth, William
Jackson, Armand M.
Jackson, Maurice
Jackson, Oree
Jackson, Steven L.
Jairrels, William H.
Johnson, Charles E.
Johnson, Chet J.
Johnson, Cyrano L.
Johnson, Donald E.
Johnson, Elijah
Johnson, Eric
Johnson, Frederick
Johnson, Kenneth E.
Johnson, Lacy M.
Jones, Carl N.
Jones, Harold L.
Jones, Kevin L.
Jones, Tyrone
Jordan, William
Kee, Melvin B.
Kelley, Joseph
Kelly, Harvey S.
Kemp, Michael L.
Kendrix, James
Kennie, Robert L.
Kirk, Eugene
Lander, George R.
Landers, Calvin M.
Langston, Leonard W.
Larkins, James L.
Law, Orvest
Leavell, John E.
Leftwich, Jerry D.
Lester, Sherman E.
Lewis, Frederick
Lewis, James E.
Lewis, Leroy
Library, Indiana
Little, Thomas J.
Love, Albert
Lowe, Walter W.
Major, Wayne P.
Malachi, Dewayne T.
Malone, David
Marrs III, Ezell F.
Martin, Donald R.
Martin, Fred
Mason, Dwayne L.
Mason, Reginald C.
Massic, Roland O.
Mathias, Kenneth D.
May, Stanley R.
Mcbeth, James O.
McClendon, Michael
Mccollum, James E.
Mcquay, Romingo
Meneal, Richard L.
Merriweather, Timothy I.
Miller, Duane L.
Milton, William E.
Minnis, Samuel L.
Mitchell, William
Moody, Willie
Moore, Donald
Moore, Ralph
Moore, Ronald
Morris, Ronald C.
Morrison, Leon F.
Muldrow, David T.
Mulligan, Michael R.
Mullin, Eric W.
Mumford, Byron E.
Murphy Jr., Charles W.
Murphy, Donald S.
Nance, Kenneth R.
NcNeil, James E.
Nelson, Larry
Nichols, Richard D.
Norfleet, Ronnie,
Nugent, Terrance J.
Odle, Samuel L.
Odom, Leo D.
Odom, Raymond F.
Oliver, Herman W.
Oliver, Michael O.
Organ, Charles E.
Outlaw, Bruce E.
Owsley, Byron T.
Pace, Frank B.
Paots, Greyling E.
Parker, Joel L.
Parrott, Bruce A.
Parrott, Monroe

Paschal, Prinest C.
Patterson, Errol R.
Patterson, Ralford E.
Payne, Michael
Phelps, Norman L.
Phillips, John L.
Pinkston, Rodney
Pittman, William D.
Poole, Anthony A.
Pope, Russell R.
Powell, Michael E.
Price, Walter E.
Puckett, Derrick J.
Puckett, Earl E.
Puckett, Harold E.
Putty, Orren R.
Radford, Carl E.
Ransom, Reverdy C.
Ratliff, Eugene F.
Ray, Thomas G.
Reed, Richard A.
Reese, William
Reid, Rodney L.
Rhodes, William F.
Richardson, Roland E.
Riley, Clyde W.
Roach, Toshio
Robinson, Gregory L.
Robinson, Henry M.
Ronald, Champion
Ross, Cliff G.
Ross, Dwight W.
Ross, Stephen R.
Rouse, Raymond
Rowe, Richard C.
Rucker, Brian T.
Rush, Glen A.
Ruth, Rober A.
Rutting, Rodney E.
Sanders, Darrell J.
Sanders, Lee A.
Sandifer, Clifton
Saudifer, Glen E.
Scott, Isaiah
Scruggs, Larry N.
Sharpe, Earnes
Sharpe, Melvin D.
Shead, Joseph L.
Shipp, Ricky E.
Shouse, Arnick N.
Simmons, Lawrence
Sims, Rodney K.
Singleton, Howard H.
Skelton, John D.
Skinner, Eric L.
Slaton, John W.
Smith, Bruce
Smith, Charles E.
Smith, Edward N.
Smith, Gregory
Smith Jr., Herman
Smith, Randle L.
Smith, Raymond H.
Smith, Ricki L.
Smith, Wayne L.
Smith, William B.
Stegall, Jerome R.
Stephens, Stanley
Sterling, Danny E.
Swam, David W.
Sylvester, Marion F.
Tatum, Cecil B.
Taylor, Ronald J.
Taylor, Wilbur R.
Thomas, Corlethur
Thomas, George
Thomas, Kenneth
Thomas, Konrad B.
Thomas, Melvin L.
Thornton, Wilvester
Thurman, Gary M.
Tidwell, Randy C.
Tillmam, Anthony
Toler, William B.
Townsend, Jesse
Trawick, Oscar F.
Triggs, Joseph D.
Triplett, Jacob
The Bridge Builders: 1970s
Twilley, Robert
Vinson, Michael A.
Wade, John T.
Wallace, William R.
Walton, Reginald
Washington, Randy N.
Waterford, Carl R.
Wathen, Austin C.
Watkins, Thomas
Webster, Audley M.
Wharton, Richard B.
White, Clarence A.
White, William H.
Whitehead, Reginald M.
Whitlow, Clark D.
Whittle, Roderick L.
Wilburn, Melvin S.
Wilkerson, James T.
Williams, Allen L.
Williams, Brian A.
Williams, Dwight D.
Williams, Frank E.
Williams, Lamonte F.
Williams, Mark
Williams, Marshall T.
Willis, James
Wilson, Eric L.
Wilson, Leroy
Wilson, Richard T.
Wise, Richard D.
Witherspoon, Joe L.
Woods, Charles R.
Woods, Frederick
Woolfolk, Gerald
Wynn III, Ammon
Young, Tyrone T.

Men initiated into Omega during the 1980s

Adams, Alonzo P.
Alexander, Chester
Allen, Lawrence T.
Bailey, Rick
Barbour, Charles R.
Barlow, Michael
Barnett, Brian C.
Bembry, Calvin E.
Bibb, Eric W.
Breckenridge, Robert O
Brooks, Excell
Brown, Cedric L.
Brown, William K.
Burns, Christopher L.
Bush, Willie
Byrd, Jeffrey B.
Carter, Mose
Cherry, Byron L.
Chisholm, Boyd C.
Clark, Edward
Clark, Michael A.
Coachman, Kevin L.
Cole, Alfred W.
Coleman, Anthony C.
Cooper, Corey
Cotton, Michael
Crayton, Donald D.
Crayton, Milton R.
Crosby, Eric D.
Daniels, Anthony
Davis, LaBronz C.
Davis, Robert B.
Davis, Timothy E.
Demonbrue, Kahlil A.
Dickerson, Kenneth
Dix III, James W.
Dixon, Bryan K.
Dixon, Lorenza
Dones, Jemar T.
Dotson, Alfred
Dotson, Bernard
Dunbar, Terrell P.
Eggleston, Gregory B.
Evans Jr., Leon
Felder, Trunell D.
Foley, Eddie Lee
Forrester, Ellard L.
Galloway, Dominique L
Garner, Derrick
Gholston Jr., James C.
Goodrich, Tony R.
Grant, Michael A.
Green, Keith M.

Gupton, Williard
Guynn, Stephen A.
Harper, Eugene H.
Harrington, Brian
Harris, Antoine
Harris, Keith R.
Harris, Lamar T.
Henry, Thomas L.
Herbin Jr., Connie V.
Hester Jr., James E.
Hill, Darryl
Holley, Kevin S.
Hopson, Michael
Howard, Leonard T.
Hunter, William M.
Hurtt, Eric O.
Johnson, Alan W.
Johnson Jr., Joseph E.
Jones, Byron E.
Jones, Oscar C.
Jones, William R.
Law, David J.
Leonard, Edwin L.
Lewis, Larry D.
Long, James
Lundy, Jeffrey B.
Lynch, Jesse B.
Mann, Jeffrey C.
Mason, Daryl L.
Maxwell, Mark A.
Mayes, David B.
Maynard II, Jerry L.
McChristian, Marcus
McCray, Kenneth J.
McElroy, Darin L.
Merriweather, Eric V.
Miles, Arlander J.
Miller, Mark
Mister, Patrick D.
Montgomery, Lindsey I
Moody, Daryl W.
Morrell, John E.
Mosley, Keith C.
Murphy, Bryan K.
Murray Jr., Charles D.
Nelson Jr., Hugh A.
Newell, Alex C.
Newsome, William E.
Newton, John
Norman, Anthony L.
Oldham, Stephen B.
Oliver II, Lawrence C.
Oxley, Keith C.

Patterson, Kai
Peterson, Andrew C.
Posby, Floyd
Powell, Barrington S.
Powers, Mark K.
Price, Charles R.
Ragland, Chris
Ramsey, Edward E.
Ramsey, Kevin M.
Rawls, Mark D.
Ray, John W.
Reed, Ronald V.
Reid, Derek E.
Rice, Stephen M.
Richardson, Craig T.
Richardson, Michael G.
Riggins, Kenneth L.
Rose, Anthony
Rushing, Caesar
Scearce, Michael
Scott, James A.
Seaphus, Walter R.
Sedwick, Leroy
Shivers, Eddie L.
Sims, Anthony
Sims, Moses
Sims, Wayne
Small, David A.
Smith, Derrick L.
Smith, George
Smith, John H.
Smith, Johnny M.
Smith, Kevin L.
Smith, Lawrence
Smith, Terry
Stallings, Kenneth A.
Stevenson, Aldwin R.
Stewart, Mervin D.
Stuart, Darryl S.
Sullivan, Edward J.
Thomas, David B.
Thomas, Virgil J.
Tidwell, Anthony D.
Tripplett, Sydney A.
Turner, Nathaniel A.
Turnley, Ray Thom
Walker, Stephen L.
Walton, Timothy L.
Watson, Ray S.
Wheeler, Jerry F.
White, Curtis L.
Williams, Deon L.
Williams, Dwayne A.
Williams, Dwight A.
Williams, Larry
Wire, Matthew C.
Young, Stanford D.

Men initiated into Omega during the 1990s

Alford, Damon L.
Allen Jr., Rudolfus
Beard, Michael W.
Beatty, Eric
Bishop, Shaun A.
Bradford II, Demond
Bradford, Nathan R.
Brown, Brian J.
Brown, Timothy S.
Carter, Gerald
Carter III, Lawrence
Cleveland, Jerry E.
Coleman, Derrell
Coleman, Roderick A.
Crump, Eric D.
Davis III, Ozie
Davis III, Willie
Dix, Anthony L.
Dunlap, Alex
English III, Charles R.
Farris, Kevin
Ford, Benjamin N.
Frame, Mestophia
Futrell, John L.
Gaines, Mark S.
Gates, Anthony V.
Hampton, David A.

Hargrave, Anthony W.
Harper, Aaron
Harrington, Henry V.
Harris, Harold J.
Henderson, Timothy
Henry, Scott E.
Hill, Delmer D.
Hiser, Stephan H.
Hoagland, Jerry L.
Houston, Calvin D.
Hughes, Mark
Jackson, Keith J.
Jennings, Chavis
Johnson Jr., Chet
Johnson, Forrest W.
Johnson, Michael J.
Jordan III, Algie M.
Karmo, Varnic N.
Kelly, Gary J.
Kelly Jr., Keith M.
King Jr., Paul D.
Lagman, John G.
LeFlore III, Obie L.
Legg, Kenan J.
Levingston, L. Deon
Levingston, Paul L.

Lewis, William T.
Lloyd, Darren C.
Marshall, Dale D.
McChristian, Marcus A.
Middlebrook, Dane
Moody, Moody
Morris Jr., Willie L.
Moses, Warner
Nalls, Scott N.
Officer III, James W.
Owsley, Tony L.
Richardson, John W.
Ruffin, Pierre
Scruggs II, Maurice L.
Smith, Will
Streaty, Jason E.
Thompson, Edward N.
Thompson, Stephen K.
Thompson, Todd L.
Thorpe Jr., Roland J.
Triggs, Evan L.
Turner, Lawrence
Wade, Andre P.
Walker, Kenneth
Washington, Anthony B.
Wheeler, Stanley S.
Whitaker, Curtis A.
white, Darnell M.
Williams, Kelly D.
Williams, Kyle J.
Williamson, Corey
Woodard, James H.

Men initiated into Omega during the 2000s


Allen, Chris
Calhoun, Rumond
Crayton, Troy
Cummins, Daryl
Cunningham, Damien
Collins, Tyrelle
Randle El, Curtis
Ester, Derrell
Foreman, Neal
Green, Edward

Green, Gideon
Gunn, Chris
Hankins, Kevin
Hunter, Jason
James, Timothy
Johnson, Ryan
Lipkins, Guy
Maye, Henry
Montfort, Sidney
Moore, Wayne

Nickleson, Thomas
Plunkett, Mikoyan
Posey, Eddie
Ramsey, William
Scott, Bryant
Scott, Anthony
Spates, Andrico
Springer, Peter
Stringer, Chris
Thompson, David
Warren, Corey
Williams, Monte

Men initiated into Omega during the 2000s

Alexander, Bryant
Allen, Johnnie
Anderson, Javonte
Baker, David
Ballard, Brandon
Berry, Kenneth
Black, Jasper
Brandon, Walter
Caldwell, Allen
Cannon, Anthony
Cole, Creshawn
Corey, Charles
Crawley, Courtney
Crenshaw, Matthew
Crittenden, Henry
Crosby, Khalid
Crouch, Dexter
Drummer, Carl
Eberhardt, John
Ennis, James
Falker, Benjamin
Ford, Dennis
Fox, Nicholas
Fullilove, Hollis
Garland, James

Giger, Jorden
Golden, Clinton
Grays, Roderick
Greene, Rueben
Gunn, Rodney
Harvey, Rausell
Haymon, Colton
Hitchens, Michael
Holmes, Tony
Hudson, Darryell
Eberhardt III,Charles
James, Michael
Johnson, James
Johnson III, Lacy
Johnson, Omar
Jones, Anthony
Lile Jr, Carl
Marion, Erving
Marvel, Clifton
McClendon, Thomas
McCoy, Darrell
Milsap, George
Morgan, Earl
Neal, Vincent
Olorunda, Bolutife

Owens, Jacolby
Penn, Paul
Posley Jr, Clyde
Posley, Josh
Rhone, Lewis
Richardson, William
Rozzell, Mervin
Sandifer, Glenn
Shelton, Veaon
Smith, Rondre
Smith, Ahmad
Stanton, Kevin
Stephens, Sol
Streeter, Jason
Taylor, Vaughn
Thomas, Terrance
Thompson, Larry
Trotter, LeVar
Tucker, Robert
Turner, Eric
Watkins, Zach
Weatherford, Xavier
Wheat, Marc
Whitaker, Levon
Wills, James
Wright, Tim


Zeta Phi Chapter Members who have served as Grand Basileus of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

William E. Baugh

William E. Baugh

15th Grand Basileus 1935 - 1937

Milo C. Murray

Milo C. Murray

20th Grand Basileus 1949 – 1951, affiliated with Zeta Phi in the 1960s

Cary D. Jacobs

Cary D. Jacobs

25th Grand Basileus 1961 – 1964

Burnel E. Coulon

Burnel E. Coulon

31st Grand Basileus 1979 – 1982

Omega Grand Conclaves
Hosted the 17th Omega Grand Conclave, December 26-31, 1928
Hosted the 30th Omega Grand Conclave, December 27-31, 1941
Hosted the 51st Omega Grand Conclave, December 26-30, 1962
Hosted the 71st Omega Grand Conclave, July 20-27, 2000
Fraternity Houses
1940s – Zeta Phi Chapter Fraternity House
1990s – Omega Conference Center, 3130 Sutherland Street, Indianapolis
2010s – Coulon Community Center, 2611 East 46th Street, Indianapolis
Tenth District Conventions
Hosted the Tenth District Convention in 1937
Hosted the Tenth District Convention in 1948
Hosted the Tenth District Convention in 1956
Hosted the Tenth District Convention in 1982
Hosted the Tenth District Convention in 1996
Hosted the Tenth District Convention in 2006
Hosted the Tenth District Convention in 2020
Chapters that were chartered through the assistance of members of Zeta Phi Chapter
Zeta Phi Chapter was chartered on April 29, 1925 in Indianapolis, IN
Rho Sigma Chapter was charted on April 19, 1942 at Purdue University
Chi Sigma Chapter was charted on May 2, 1946 at Indiana State University
Zeta Epsilon Chapter was charted on October 20, 1947 at Indiana University
Kappa Theta Chapter was charted on April 1, 1971 at Butler University
Sigma Beta Chapter was charted on October 7, 1971 at IUPUI
Upsilon Beta Chapter was charted on November 11, 1971 at Ball State Unversity
Nu Alpha Alpha Chapter was charted on April 15, 1980 in Bloomington, IN
Upsilon Kappa Kappa Chapter was charted on July 11, 1998 in Lafayette, IN
Nu Mu Nu Chapter was charted on November 1, 2016 in Kokomo, IN
Phi Mu Nu Chapter was charted on June 26, 2018 in Fishers, IN